The course details on CPD Manager include:

  • Title
  • Provider
  • Instructor
  • Sectors & Subjects
  • Aims & Content - both now with rich textboxes to allow you to easily format the information
  • Costs
  • Number of participants
  • Course Date(s)
Edit Course Screenshot

The course search allows users to quickly find relevant courses by providing the following filters:

  • Course Id or Course Reference
  • Keyword
  • Status
  • Sector
  • Subject
  • Provider
  • Venue
  • Start Date within a range

The course search also allows authroity to users to see at a glance the status of a course, coloured start against each course, and to access all the options against a course, such as edit, manage attendees, etc.

Authority Course Search Screenshot

The course view page has been updated to provide an pverview of the venue's location, visible when the view location icon is clicked.

When staff view a course they will be able to apply for it, coordiantors can apply or put staff forward for the course.

Authority users can view admin only details and have access to the same options as from the search page.

View Course Screenshot