Attendance & Evaluations

Once the final date of a course has passed the authority user will be prompted to validate the attendance.

They will receive an alert on their home page which links to a list of the courses requiring validated.

Validate Attendance List Screenshot

When validating attendance you will have the option to mark of the delegates as attended and then you can unmark those that were absent.

If a course runs over multiple days, delegates can be marked as "Attended" or "Absent" for each date. This leads to the delegates overal attendance being marked as "Atttended", "Part Attended" or "Absent".

Validate Attendance Screenshot

Once the attendance for a course has been validated, the staff who were marked as "Attended" or "Part Attended" will be prompted to complete an evaluation.

The Evaluation covers the contents of the course as well as arrangements and the venue.

The evaluation can be customised to meet your requirements.

Course Evaluation Screenshot