Plan & Record

The Plan has been completely rewritten in CPD Manager taking Professional Update into consideration. It has been integrated more closely with the Record. The Plan allows staff to identify their Areas for Development and the activities they will undertake to achieve this.

Line Managers will have access to the Plan for the staff they are reviewing and will be asked to Sign Off the Plan on CPD Manager after it has been agreed and signed off by the member of staff.

 Add Plan Screenshot

The Record allows staff to record the professional learning they have undertaken. If they have attended a course, when they complete the evaluation on CPD Manager this is automatically fed into their Record.

If they have added a Plan for the current session, they will be able to select the Area for Development the Record entry is for.

 Add Record Entry Screenshot

We can customise the Plan or develop an alternative Plan to meet your needs.

We have already developed an alternative Plan for Renfrewshire Social Work to meet their needs.

 Add Renfrewshire Social Work Plan Entry Screenshot

You can see how the Plan & Record work by viewing this walkthrough: Plan & Record Walkthrough