Managing Delegates

Authorities are alerted to the course requests they have to deal with on their home page. They cna choose to accept the request, delay a decision, add it to the waiting list or decline the request.

Requests that have been withdrawn or declined can be reinstated by authority users from the course request history section of the manage attendees page.

Authority Request List Screenshot

Delegates can now apply for a course if it is full and they can be added to a waiting list.

Authority users can add delegates to a waiting list even if the course is not full.

When the number of delegates on a waiting list reach the minimum number of participants, a new course can be created with the delegates on the waiting list being added to the new course for their coordinator to approve.

Delegates on Waiting List Screenshot

Authority users can add delegates to a course without a request.

They can also add multiple delegates from the same establishment at once using the bulk addition.

If it is a shared course they can add a delegate from the authority it is being shared with.

Add Delegate Screenshot